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As a programmer what I understand in my 4 years of programming experience, Programming is not only just knowing any programming language.
It is more than that, Some Programming lead says Programming is an ART and Code is poetry. 

To be an artist or a programmer we need to have some skills. About skills, I want to tell that skills are something that we can develop over the period of time with our extream efforts. Human Mind and ability have no Limits and some people shown us that is true.
You can take the example of Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Sachin Tendulkar and I will include MS DHONI.
You may be thinking, They are not programmers.😕  Yes, But they are the one who done something great than greater and only by their extream efforts and practice.
So here comes our first skill is

Efforts and Practice:

To be a Programmer Artist. you need to be dedicated toward Computer and programming.  If you are not a Good Programmer but you wish to then don’t  ever stop. Friends Practice is one thing that can make the change in any body’s life.
Keep on practicing your programming skill.

  • Follow Good programmer.
  • Read codes of other programmers.
  •  Give a life to your creation and create something with your code.
  • Keep learning and passionate about your programming skill set.


Software development is a field. where you will find your work in form of Problems.
If you are afraid to deal with the problem and feel depression to handle them. then you will have to change your this mentality. Because as a software developer anyhow you will have to deal with problems and solve them. So Just apply different approach and do what make you a better problem Solver and that’s our second point.

Be a Problem Solver and Debugger

Creating code is only part of a programmer’s job. When software doesn’t work as expected, a programmer is expected to get to the root of the problem quickly and effectively.
Work on Improving your Problem solving and problem finding( Debugging) skill.
You can only do it by dealing with problems. Find some problems in your work culture and things and tool you use and dig in that in deep.

Once we got the problem. Now to solve that problem we will require a plan or approach.

Ability to plan the work

To solve any kind of problem. first, we will have to understand the problem and decide appropriate approach to deal with that problem.
So Once you have work or problem in your hand

  • Gain all possible information regarding it.
  • Find out the actual problem inside requirements.
  • Decide a way to handle that problem.
  • Find the shortest and effective way to solve it.

Programming is really very hard when its time to deal with deadline and nothing goes right. So to be a programmer apart from being Calm, Cool, and innovative. you need to have that skill which is very important i.e.

Stay Motivate

Give time to yourself and find your motivation in all areas.
You know friends, In this world everyone is struggling even he is a poor farmer or even he is a reachest man in the world. Everyone is dealing with problems of their kind.
So don’t feel alone just keep going and always do 2 things in Life.

If you Ever feel Demotivate and doubt on your skill.
See those peoples for whom you are Ideal or who achieved less than you. Find your motivation in your previous work. what best you did to come to your current stage.

If you ever ego comes in your mind with your current achievements then look toward those who are far better than you and find your motivation in that.

Motivation is a building skill that needs to be built every day. like we eat food and do exercise and needed work every day.
Motivation can help you achieve any goal that you set in your mind.

So Stay  Productive and stay Motivated . . .  Happy Programming 😊


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