Make it a habbit to be Happy

Who decides whether you should be happy or unhappy? the answer — you do!

Nowadays lots of people suffer from depression – anxiety and much other mental disorder. everyone think they have endless problems in their life.

I have notice lots of times people worry about their past or they worried about their future. Sometimes they just expect this and that going to happen with them and they start worrying about it.

if you really sit down and think about it. you will notice all your problems are just the creation of the mind. We can’t do anything for what happened with us in the past. we can’t predict actually what will be going to happen with us next moment. So why to worry?

One way to be happy in life is to focus on the present moment. It will be going to be your happy past and well passed present will give you bright results in the future too.

Tomorrow when you will wake up in the morning, you will have a choice for you to stay happy or unhappy. choose to be Happy my friend.

I have learned this technique from a book I am reading now.

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