I have only 19345 Days to live

In book Time Management Sudhir Dixit ask a question and says.

How much time do you have?

How can you say you don’t have enough time and why you pretend to be busy.

You have same time as much as many big successful personalities in the World have.

Among 24 hours we spend 8 hours in sleep, 2 hours in other work, 14 hours we have remaining for us in a day.

Calculate your remaining days

God has decided 100 years of life for humans. although many die before that due to health reasons.
Let’s consider it 80 years for now.

I have already spend my 27 years. now I have 53 years on an average.

53 Years = 365 * 53 = 19345 Days

Now to says that I have only 19345 Days, It feels a bit limited. as the days/week passes very fast.

Use Time wisely

Today is Monday, now if you have full packed work for this week. I am sure you will not realise when Friday came and then weekend.

You had already lost your 7 days then.

You can regain everything ex. Money, Trust, Respect, Success but you can not get passed time.
Once days passed, it is gone. so use your time wisely.

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