Happy Life

If you say you have lots of problem in life that you dealing with then watch this video …

Problems are just creation of our own thoughts. sometimes when your environment is happy, even though you have some major problem going on in life. you do not take it seriously and the problem passed away.
sometimes when you are in the negative environment and made your thoughts negative. no matter how small the problem is you will see it like an elephant.

So how you take the things? and how you manage your mind to handle those things? It is actually the Big shot.
some words coming in mind from 3 पागल  movie.

भे्जा जो तेरे बात बात पे घबराए
टकले पे रख के हाथ उसे तू फुसला ले
Mind Idiot है, प्यार से उसको समझा ले
होंठ घुमा सीटी बजा, सीटी बजाके बोल
भैया आल इज़ वेल, अरे भैया आल इज़ वेल
अरे चाचू आल इज़ वेल, अरे भैया आल इज़ वेल

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