2019 Review

Today is the last day of doing something this year. Today is the last day for accomplishing the dream in 2019. Today is the last of 2019.

Time flying very fast. I wish I could have Time machine 😛 . I want to go back and fix things I mashed up. … I think i can’t. so while everyone is enjoying 31st party. this programmer will sit down and focus on positive side of his 2019.
Let’s review 2019


Overall 2019 was an awesome year. I have accomplished at the same time lost several things. I learned, grown and got new responsibility. I left my comfort zone and tried new things this year. apart from all minor and major personal and professional things. I will mention few of my major accomplishments.

Health is Wealth

Health is something that can give you a positive mindset and innovation. I haven’t given first priority to my health ever. but in 2019 I changed it.

Following things are in my routine for maintaining heath

  1. Drink hot water in the morning
  2. Green tea instead of Milk Tea
  3. Go Gym everyday
  4. Eat home food
  5. Life is not eating food all the time. Track needed calories.
  6. Prefer Protein diet instead of carbs intake
  7. have walk after eating
  8. Say no to Sugar instead use jaggery

These things worked for me in 2019. I lost 10KG weight and almost to my actual BMI.

There was time when I use to avoid Gym. but it now it’s part of my daily routine. I feel Very Happy I accomplished to form this habit in 2019. I know now this will be with me in 2020 and more year ahead.

Self Employed

I know being in 9-5 job is way relaxing then being on non predictive venture. It take courage and commitment to left your comfort zone and take the roller coaster ride.

I have been proceeding freelancing along with job from 2013. In 2019 I totally moved from a job to self employment.

I have full control on my time now. I am investing that extra time to do something worth. Things are going good. I am ready to make it much better this year.

Top Rated Developer

I started Upwork in 2017 and started the actual work from 2019. In 2019 I achieved the Top Rated Badge on Upwork.

I have written my freelancing journey in detail on LinkedIN.

Howdy Nurse Community

I know I am an innovative person. I always see opportunities in things happening around me. On 1 January 2019 I started a product(HowdyNurse) with my wife. Built a successful Facebook community with 14k+ Nurses around the world.

I studied the users flow and next year I am going to launch the App. I know it going to be an awesome product for Nurse Community.


Time is precious

Time is very precious. we all know that but nobody care. This year after struggling with procrastination, I started taking it seriously.

  • I plan my day every night or morning the first thing. It really helps me to clear my mind.
  • I track my Work Hours and Break
  • I do a long self talk every weekend

It’s really hard to maintain but it really helps to be free of unnecessary tense.

This video of Brain Tracy video has helped me to get that idea.

Resolution for 2020

  1. Get fit body
  2. Get mentally strong
  3. Grow HowdyNurse
  4. Work on my existing WordPress Products
  5. Contribute more to open source
  6. Give 3 hours to learning everyday
  7. Get a Sweet Home
  8. Build a strong connection with my family
  9. Give a next level to my Freelancing career

Happy New year 2020 🙂

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