Month: April 2017

Daniel Bachhuber: My condolences, you’re now the maintainer of a popular open source project

I see most of the developers use WP-CLI but none of them seems active for contributing in it. So far I have seen only @danielbachhuber and @schlessera actively contributing in WP-CLI project. everyone can see their work. Even though I am not experienced developer but started helping them with the baby steps and I think […]

My Agenda for 2017

I know success is a journey and being part of it, Actual Hard Work. generally, people plan yearly agenda in starting off the year. But I woke up now so posting my Year 2017 Agenda. 🙂 One day after frustrating from a Goalless life. I thought to give a proper direction to my thinking and efforts. […]

Type of Cache in WordPress

There are following types of Cache we can implement to make our website Super Faster Increase search engine ranking Increase performance User friendly Page Cache:Page Cache refer to Caching pages in html file. and serve cached file to user on recurrent request. Object Cache: WordPress inbuild have a feature of caching DB queries is called object cache. […]